Introducing React Markings

Markdown is great for writing, but it's not very extensible. If you want something more than lists, code blocks, or block quotes, you're shit out of luck.

On the other hand, React is great for building out really complex components that do whatever you need.

So what if the two were to meet?

Well now they do! (thank god or that would have been anti-climatic)

Check it:

import md from 'react-markings';

const content = md`
  # Look mom, markdown!

  ${<div>Oh shit, waddup</div>}

  - *dope*
  - _shit_
  - ~~everyday~~

  ${<Mic drop/>}

That's right, I heard you like React and Markdown, so I put React in your Markdown, and your Markdown in React, so you can Markdown when you React, and React when you Markdown.

The md tag will return real React elements using commonmark.js and commonmark-react-renderer.

You can interpolate your own React elements in any "block" position (places where you can put paragraphs).

Cool, so install this shit:

yarn add react-markings

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